HVAC Personnel Assessment - Hiring Tools for the HVAC Industry
HVAC Installer

Most of us can easily identify the skills needed for a particular job, but not the personality requirements needed to be successful at that job.

  • Each test is a tool to evaluate an individual's compatibility with specific jobs in the company.
  • Over 20 different positions can be tested for compatability, from Sales Staff to Installer to Managers.

HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System

We provide HVAC businesses with tools to help make your important hiring decisions. No two people are identical—and each person has a unique mixture of qualities that are important to understand but difficult to measure.

This system takes the difficulty out of measuring those qualities!


Better Job Fit

Match people to jobs by comparing work-related abilities , interests and personality traits to job benchmarks. Customized benchmarks are based on proven characteristics of best performers and our knowledge of the HVAC industry.

In-Depth Reports

Visual reports cover hiring, training, managing, and motivating employees.

Easy to Use

Save time with leading edge internet delivery.

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